Little free library

Rocking Kids Academy now has a unit of the Little Free Library (

This is a mini-library, lending books for any age group at no cost. We are the host of this library and happy promiting literacy and being a part of this initiative.

For now the books (more than 300) stocked here are for children and a series of fiction.


Children are not built to sit still, Keep hands to self, Take turns, Be patient, Stand in line or Keep quiet all of the time. Instead, they need motion, novelty, adventure and should be engaged to the world with the whole body.

Having started with a successful journey as an academy for multi skill development earlier, Rocking Kids, now envisions to providing a child centered and befriending environment through materials, where kids can always be kids. With a passionate team of trained educators, we take responsibility for children love for learning, creative and aesthetic development, self-help and social skills. We employ a structured approach, including sensory play activities, introducing children to language, scientific and mathematical concepts, activities that aid cognitive development and logical thinking.

To us, learning is always a fun-filled quest.